What is a Public group ?

A free group is a group that everyone can subscribe to and whose content everyone can view.

What is a Premium Group?

Premium group means that users need to pay a fee to subscribe to the groups you created. The fee is set by you. Subscribers will use cryptocurrency for payment, and you can withdraw your earnings from the wallet at any time.

What can I do after I created a group?

You can share group links on social media and invite people to join. The most important thing is to update the group content continuously so that more people will be attracted and subscribe it.

How do I acquire more paying users for Premium group?

Before creating a paid group, think carefully about what valuable content or services you can bring to your users. The more valuable your content is, the more paying users you will have.
If you already have plenty of followers on Twitter or Facebook, then set up a premium group and use your professional knowledge to provide exclusive content for paid users only.
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Last modified 1yr ago