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About LS 1
MACS J1149 Lensed Star 1 (LS 1), also known as Icarus, is a blue supergiant star observed through a gravitational lens. (WIKI

What is LS 1 project?

LS 1 is a professional blockchain content group social network. It lets you set up a blockchain group of your own and provide your members with interesting content or services.
As a social platform, LS 1 provides a public group or premium group for your project so that more people will get to know and join your group.
Here you will quickly find the cryptocurrency groups of your own interest and find like-minded friends. You will acquire specific, in-depth blockchain knowledge that you are interested in.

STC.FUND Organization

LS 1 is a community project initiated by the STC.FUND Foundation, independently managed by the LS1 team, and has UPLibra invited as its primary strategic partner. In the near future, more well-known blockchain companies will join the LS 1 network. LS 1 hopes to become a unique blockchain content social network, and we will deliver valuable content accurately to every user in need.

Space Time Chain (STC)

STC is an innovative public blockchain technology. STC is currently under development.
STC is a secure, controllable, ultra-high-performance, easy-to-use. Its self-developed encryption algorithm provides a secure foundation for data flow, while providing a strong guarantee of anonymity.
Multi-layered and shard, intelligent scheduling, smart contracts that can be executed in parallel, robust network transmission and other features make STC have good performance.
It supports multiple programming languages to develop smart contracts and out-of-the-box SDKs, which are convenient for users of different scenarios and roles.
For more details on STC, please follow the STC technical team or join the STC group.

LS 1 Future

LS 1 is also a great blockchain experimental product. In the future, we will use the efficient, advanced and intelligent STC public chain technology to gradually transform it into a 100% open source, 100% decentralized and friendly blockchain social system.
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